What To expect

After the onsite inspection has been completed we provide the client with a detailed narrative/checklist style inspection report. The report is a step by step format that mirrors the onsite inspection process. The report is easy to follow, read and understand. For each section of the inspection there is a checklist to highlight area or items that were inspected, followed by a narrative of any defects that were observed, explaining the defect, the urgency of the repair and what steps are required to correct the deficiency.

Our reports are thorough and dependable, but ultimately our goal is to give you a clear, simple view of any issues your home may have.


Along with the data collected during the onsite inspection, DHI will take digital photographs- sometimes over 100 images are collected. The photos related to defects that were observed during the inspection will be embedded in the report in the relevant section, to give the client a visual reference when reviewing the report. Items observed by DHI during the inspection that require attention, service or repair are highlighted in red in the report, making these items instantly recognizable as areas of concern. All items of concern in the opinion of DHI and highlighted in red will also appear on the summary page of the report which is located at page 2, allowing for quick reference to any areas of concern before and after you have reviewed the report.